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Garavelli is the name of our family. For generations, jewellery-making has been our art and our life, spent among gold, diamonds, precious stones, luxury and excellence.

At the helm of the family, the first to dive into this adventure was my great-grandfather, Mario Garavelli, in the early 1900s.

Mario Garavelli

He was followed by my grandfather, Aldo Garavelli, who built on the dream...

Aldo Garavelli

...and then my mother, Kira Garavelli and my father, Giancarlo Molina, who took the same dream to faraway lands. Now, my brother, Stefano, and I, wish to give you a glimpse into the mystery of our craft.

Garavelli Family

Today, it’s easy to hide behind a brand name. Once they are stamped by an illustrious brand, many products fail to exude their history… the passion behind it all!

How could we hide the passion that was infused in our souls by our ancestors? To this day all of our collections are created by us, the stones are personally and individually hand-picked, then set in metal by our in-house team of setters, whom we trust will deliver to our exacting standards.

Before our precious jewelry becomes yours, it is alive in our vision, handcrafted and cared for until it becomes a cherished heirloom or a token of someone’s love.